So I finally got around to update my Google Maps extensions. There has been tons of discussion on QlikCommunity around features and what you can and can’t do.
So here is three different extensions. Either use them “as is” or use them as a base and change them to suit your specific needs. All extensions now centers correctly and will select a single marker if you click it.

Google Maps – Cluster

Download link:

Perfect when you have a large amount of data points and want to cluster them up for visibility and performance.
Grid Size property controls the size of the cluster grid and max zoom controls how far down you want to cluster markers.


Google Maps – Marker

Download link:

Pretty much the same as the Cluster version except… well you guessed it, without the clustering of markers.
With a large amount of markers expect some performance draw backs.


Google Maps – Heatmap

Download link:

A new addition to the fold. This will produce a heatmap of your data points so you can easily spot a where you have a higher intensity of data points on the map.
There is no selection support for this extension however you could customize the map to turn off the heatmap at a certain zoom level and show normal markers instead.