The Konami Code

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The Konami Code.
Add this document extension to a document, type the Konami code.
Press some keys for more goodies. 
Soon on a demo near you.

Download link:

I really need to post some more useful posts soon…


Variance chart

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Edit: WordPress killed the resolution on my images, sorry about that.

Lets assume we want to display expenses vs target across different departments.
In this case the expenses and target for the Sales department are very small and skews our bar chart pretty badly.

Lets express the same information as budget variance in percentage instead.
Delete your expressions and create a new one ( Expenses – Budget) / Budget

Now we can clearly see that Sales has exceeded their expenses budget (as usual!)
Now since this is expenses it can be a bit confusing that negative values actually is a good thing so lets make it even more clear.

Expand your expression and enter this formula as background color, If(Column(1)>0,RGB(170,45,45),RGB(200,200,200))

Personally I like to highlight the budget, 0%, so lets open up the chart properties again. Now add in a reference line, set the expression to 0 and increase line width to 2 pt.

And we are done!