QlikView Utilities

There is a lot of nifty small apps out there that really enhances ones QlikView experience.
This is a small effort to collect some of them in one place.


qv-user-manager for QlikView 10 is able to automate the process of assigning and removing CALs and retrieve information such as when the CALs were last used in a CSV format, which is simple to read for QlikView. It can also populate DMS users and retrieve information in a similar CSV format. It automatically recognizes all available QlikView Servers and can work against the entire server(s) or specific document(s).


QlikView Ops Monitor

Monitoring application that gives you complete control over your QlikView environment


QlikView Meta Model

Extract, analyze and manage your QlikView repository with our Meta Model.
This community group hosts all the different files to get you started.



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