New Mapping Extension


I’m co-developing a mapping extension together with Ralf Becher, which aims to replace any Google maps functionality floating around out there.

This is a completely FREE solution based on CloudMade API’s, sign up for a free api key!, with OpenStreetMap map-tiles.
Currently it supports placing of markers with custom titles, clustering of markers to support large numbers of markers in the same area, single marker selection support back to QV.
More functionality in the pipeline so check back on the community thread for updates.

All fame and glory goes to Ralf for setting this project in motion!

Check it out at:


Twitter Feed inside QlikView


We are finally getting around to putting up our monitors, that has been sitting in boxes for ages, on the walls at the office.
So instead of showing off boring numbers like sales pipeline, consultancy availability and stuff like that why not show case what’s being said about us in the twitterverse?

So here is a small extension for just that, search twitter for keywords with real time updates (well I hardcoded a 30s refresh rate…)
Example app and the extension can found here for a limited time:

Screenshot of the result, seems the Japanese just woke up:


QlikView11 tour and Updated Google Maps Extension!

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This week I have been given the privilege to travel around Sweden to present QlikView 11 to our direct customers.
Today we had a QlikTalk in Stockholm, QlikTechs birthplace Lund tomorrow and Gothenburg the day after.

Amazing to see all the smiles in the audience from long lasting customers!
It’s almost silly how happy I become when customers comes up after the seminar and telling you that they could eliminate 1xx number of excel reports, free up x hours of work and how QlikView really adds true business value to their organisations.

A lot of upgrade projects are now in the works for next year 🙂

Which brings me to the next part…

I finally got around to update my QlikView Google Maps Extension Object, what to do when you are stuck at airports and hotel rooms?

The new version is less overhead and faster overall, not to mention certain errors are now gone 🙂
Please visit for samples, change logs and download.


Swedish Speeding Cameras and QlikView

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So a little bit of Friday fun. I leveraged an old Google Maps extension object I built to plot speeding cameras on a map and embedded that into QlikView.
Feel free to try it out, app and extension is included.

  • Download the zip file
  • Extract the contents
  • Double click the map.qar file
  • Open the app
  • Turn on webview and enjoy 🙂

You might need to hit F5 in QlikView to refresh the map, my code is a bit sloppy…

Since wordpress dosent allow any decent file types here is an temporary link from my dropbox: