Have you seen the Hockey application we developed for the championship?
Hockey App

It’s all done in QlikView desktop, no workbench shenanigans, with two document extensions embedded into the app.
The first to remove the toolbar that we ship with QlikView. Back before QlikView 11 you had to hack opendoc.htm to make this possible. Not only was it not supported it was also a nightmare to maintain. Now with a few lines of code you can achieve the same thing but without any support issues.

You can download the sample here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18211954/Extensions/nobar.qar

The second little feature we snuck in there was that we hooked into the browser event for when you unload the body contents. That is when you leave our site by any means, closing the browser, navigating to a different url or closing the tab the site was opened in.

Now why do we do this? When you deploy an ajax application the RAM-footprint will be somewhat larger then the IE-plugin on the server. This is since we do cache something called user state that contains selection states and graphical components, which this application is _very_ heavy on.

So when you leave our site we kill your session. Normally we would have a time out period that would have to expire before we killed your session but with any public facing solution we might just as well kill it when you leave the app.
What this also enables is that we now can track REAL time spent on the site through our session logging.

Go download at: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18211954/Extensions/KillSession.qar